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Oh my goodness yes! This is the only way to play any pokemon game. Very funny. Nice work!

Wow, this brings back memories, and remixes it delightfully! Mad props to all those involved in this beautiful tribute.

Haahah! This is great! Nice work

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feels like a morning after a wild adventure in the sofa.

supafreshpjs responds:

every morning

this is the cure to coranavirus and racism and repressed urges.

I love it.

Has a eerie black/white film noir feel, then the western themes kick in. Very interesting distorted vocal sampling. Me loves breaks so that bridge was dope. Don't have much criticism, just that you keep teasing me w/dat WAV, I getting blue balls here!!!

LibbyShimmz responds:

Thanks Mickey!

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Cute and cool. I like the cool colour scheme going on here. Could use more details in the face (whiskers, nostrils, and/or buck teeth). Also, check the lining on his hair/left eye. Hard to tell if the feet are boots or big ol' lobby bunny feet. The symbol is interesting; but my sick mind keeps seeing sideways boobs. Considering how many cartoon rabbits I've seen in my days on this ball of dirt orbiting a radioactive star, that being said, I thought this rabbit is original and I'm intrigued to how it develops on.

+ 1 for cropping photo in an effective way.
+ 1 for evidence of understanding general grammar awareness
+ 1 basic symbolism/iconography

-7 for stealing my idea - "The Sproom-Zoom" - It's a spoon, it's a broom, and a vacuum!

I love the narrative/personal approach you took with this. The expression captured here is really good too. I'm not too sure about the blue bracelet tether between characters though, it feels a bit out of place and a bit redundant, because I thought that the shadow cast from the "tough" character acted as a "tether" that metaphorically connected these two characters. Overall though, really great piece!

Its what I do for fun.

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