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Wow, this brings back memories, and remixes it delightfully! Mad props to all those involved in this beautiful tribute.

Haahah! This is great! Nice work

I was really impressed with RJA's verses, he stepped up his flow, delivery and mateial here. EQ was good, but his stuff was shit I've heard from him in earlier rounds; although I found his dubs/libs to be annoying and obnoxious. I'm giving this to RJA, he was more enjoyable to listen to here. Awesome battle though; one of the best I've heard this year.

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Solid. Love the positive and encouraging vibes on this. The flow is energetic and expressive. I enjoy the 3rd wall breakage of the last verse, it had a very Bo Burnham feel to it, but the rushed syllables make it audibly difficult to understand. The singing bridge in-between though, so fire! Nice song here!

the layers on this is crazy, it borders on being chaotic noise, but still cements into piece like buttah! Sick work her G-Minor!

soooo chill! great little pick me up at the end brings it together nicely.

Seenyth responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words, sir :)

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Cute and cool. I like the cool colour scheme going on here. Could use more details in the face (whiskers, nostrils, and/or buck teeth). Also, check the lining on his hair/left eye. Hard to tell if the feet are boots or big ol' lobby bunny feet. The symbol is interesting; but my sick mind keeps seeing sideways boobs. Considering how many cartoon rabbits I've seen in my days on this ball of dirt orbiting a radioactive star, that being said, I thought this rabbit is original and I'm intrigued to how it develops on.

+ 1 for cropping photo in an effective way.
+ 1 for evidence of understanding general grammar awareness
+ 1 basic symbolism/iconography

-7 for stealing my idea - "The Sproom-Zoom" - It's a spoon, it's a broom, and a vacuum!

I love the narrative/personal approach you took with this. The expression captured here is really good too. I'm not too sure about the blue bracelet tether between characters though, it feels a bit out of place and a bit redundant, because I thought that the shadow cast from the "tough" character acted as a "tether" that metaphorically connected these two characters. Overall though, really great piece!

Its what I do for fun.

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