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New post for a new song.

2017-07-02 21:43:51 by MickeyMao



2014-03-26 14:10:03 by MickeyMao

New "battle" for ya'll to listen to.

k, thnx bye

HDC Mixtape out today! GO GET IT!

2013-04-26 20:00:02 by MickeyMao

We did it! We finally did it! The HDC mix tape is here! e-drum-circle-the-mixtape

Go download, listen, enjoy and then be a better person.

While you're at it, why not go check out the Facebook page and like us. Thanks!

HDC Mixtape out today! GO GET IT!

HDC PRESENTS: Blest Vs. Wyze GO VOTE 4 A Winner

2012-01-15 13:06:34 by MickeyMao
Updated /466240

Also go sign up for Big Red's battles. Register to vote, or sign /678137 /459375

go vote for the best compliment slinger in this epic battle of Canadian nice guys. /455507

Go vote by leaving a review of who you think the winner is, K thnks!

HDC Presents: Wyze vs. Mao

2011-10-27 07:42:53 by MickeyMao


New battle is up on HDC, if you like lyrical monsters going ape shit on each other you should go listen and vote for a winner! This battle is between Wyze Stingray and Mao (ME!!!)
K Thanks! peace yo! /452917

HDC Presents: Klazik Vs. Wyze

2011-09-19 20:14:17 by MickeyMao

Go vote on the latest edition of HDC's battles! /446559

HDC Rap Battle

2011-09-09 11:52:17 by MickeyMao

Sup?! Go check out HDC's battle between myself (Mao) and KlazikNadi. Don't forget to leave a review so we can tally up a winner, and then murder the loser (metaphorically, of course). /444606

Top 20 tracks (according to number of plays) that were on my ipod. Great music (for the most part).

Mao's top 10 NewGrounds HipHop from 2008-2010